"Mimic" was a multiplayer festival game, initially developed by a team of five at Global Game Jam in 2014. Myself and collaborator Daniel Nyberg then developed the game further, and I took responsibility for game design, graphics and marketing.

In this game, players are granted control of one character amongst a crowd, and they must imitate a flocking behaviour whilst simultaneously attempting to abduct their competitors, unseen.

Developed in 2014 by Team Mimic (Daniel Nyberg & Gemma Thomson).
"Playable" Business Cards

The business cards were designed with "Mimic"'s core game mechanic in mind. Depending on whether you received my card or Daniel's, our avatar would be represented in isolation on one side, but in the pixellated crowd on the other - visible only by their glowing eyes as they seek to abduct someone:
Pixel Portraits

Included amongst the (generally more diverse) crowd of pixellated characters were a number of portraits, all based on the style set by Tove Brantberg. Each of the following is someone I know personally, who volunteered to be in the game:
Web & Print Posters

Created for an exhibition at Radius Festival in London, in 2014.
Credits Screen

In-game UI was kept as simple as possible, so as to lend proper focus to the pixellated characters.

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