UI mockup for Kaludoscope's "Dragon Queens" - a mobile strategy game in which trade goods flow between cities and towns during each round of play. Made using a render of my 3D artwork from Blender, overlaid with placeholder UI assets (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop), and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Lower-thirds announcement banner, for footage shot during one of Ludosport Sweden's lightsaber combat tournaments. I animated the clan's emblem for added visual interest, and to aid in directing the viewer's attention. Still photograph by Michelle Lundman Gudomlund.

Trailers & Pitches
I storyboarded and edited Kaludoscope's pitch for the Stugan accelerator programme in 2017, combining footage shot by myself and my London-based co-founder. To demonstrate the game, I employed a mix of live gameplay footage and animated UI mockups, made in After Effects. The video as a whole was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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